Can’t Wait For That Day

How i wish tomorrow would be the day…

when i’ll stay long in front of my closet try on tons of clothes just to satisfy myself that i’ll look good when i’ll face you
when i’ll go for the first time in the airport, perhaps get lost a few times, but will end up asking help from the guard and waiting for your face to appear
when i’ll let you meet my other friends, and we’ll all laugh over small things like crazy kids do
when we’ll stay along the beach, stare at the horizon, and sometimes glance on the clouds, and not worry about tomorrow
when we’ll sit, yes, still sit… and make future plans
when we’ll go to the mall an eat lots of tiramisu from KFC…

How i wish tomorrow would be the day,

when i’ll see your face again after 5 long years and hug you to death.


(originally composed: Nov.17, 2011)


About Tammy

im a Goth, a teenage mom, a loyal friend, a listener, a good adviser, a musically inclined creative person, a writer, a loyal friend, a visual artist of my own, a poet, a daughter, a justice seeker, a God-fearing individual... and im an imperfect human being who is contented of what i have yet aiming for something better.

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