Wide Awake Dreams

all alone, listening to the music both of you used to play over and over again
look back
you’ll be reminded of all the great memories both of you had…
then you won’t feel alone anymore

all alone, sitting beside the window, feeling the coldness of the evening breeze
look back
out of nowhere you’ll hear his words “take care! see you tomorrow.”
then you won’t feel alone anymore

all alone, tears flowing down along with the cold rain
look back
and you’ll see him smiling at you,and then you will see yourself smiling as well.
you will then have this feeling… that you’re not alone.

all alone, lying on your bed, staring at his photos
close your eyes, you’ll surely sleep sweetly; and you will surely dream of him.
no doubt you will have this feeling of not wanting to wake up anymore,
but… you know that cannot be.

you woke up, found him beside you he kissed you on the forehead, and that kiss told you…

you’re not dreaming anymore.


(originally composed: Nov.17, 2011)


About Tammy

im a Goth, a teenage mom, a loyal friend, a listener, a good adviser, a musically inclined creative person, a writer, a loyal friend, a visual artist of my own, a poet, a daughter, a justice seeker, a God-fearing individual... and im an imperfect human being who is contented of what i have yet aiming for something better.

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