Death’s kiss on The 22nd of September

My first sorrowful kiss
When your lips touched mine
Blood flowed on my wrist
We just made the sweetest crime

You were lying beside me
As you whisper those lies
It was the most silent scream
That pulled the tears and made me cry

Betrayal hid between the strands of your hair
Those long internal faking I cannot bear
Cold hands caressed the mask I’m in
Unleashed the pain and scars within

Your arms were around my slender waist
It felt as bloody as the pouring rain
That one bleak night was in reality
With what you did now it’s fantasy

Can’t seem to know if you now had died
Veiling from the ask how could you and why
One hunting question is what I always pray
Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t gonna stay?

[originally composed:September 24, 08]


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