Died of Confusion

A tale has been told
Your hand I just have to hold
It was like sunset at dawn
For no reason, I mourn

You gave color to blood
As you suck it from my veins
You thickened the air I breathe
Everything in me you heed

You made everything dark for me
And there’s nothing I could see
With you I’ll never die
With you I’ll break down and cry

You lacerate me as if you were a blade
It felt like for you I was made
There’s nothing in me but hate
I don’t think I want to escape

There’s nothing I could understand
Everything’s confusing me so bad
This is how I was hopelessly made
And there’s only one to blame

I loved you but you never cared
My heart you ripped when I know you pretend
To me, the pain you bind
For years, it’s the “Real Me” who I will find.

[originally composed:July20, 08]


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