Dreamer’s Burial

Suffocated by all her wishes
Thickened air she breathed
Light on her face as it flashes

Scattered photos lying on the floor
Beside her fresh virgin corpse
Resting in her room with barely closed door
Reminiscing all her hopeless remorse

Blooded window for no reason
From her unfathomable cut of devotion
Half burnt crumpled paper
Was an expression of a vision maker

3 days before the downfall was seen
Black hair, white skin, pale red lips
Pens and papers allowed her to scream
Now she’ll try to be strong and redeem

Entomb on her wrist the words she swore
“Never will I throw my dreams in a hollow thorn”
And that would be her sinless burial
That’s how the dreamer… dreamt it.

[originally composed:December 8, 08]


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