And you shall forget me for I’m your past
A page from you’re burning life that you’ve already seen
Now you live in the present; yes it’s a must
Never will you be allowed to look back where you’ve been

Go and get busy exploring this sphere
Create new memories for your future that awaits
But never forget that there will always be fear
Yet you live for one reason: to accept your fate

I on the other hand is sitting in a dark alley
Wishing for a dot of light from the vast nowhere
Is this my fate; is it here where I should be?
To be in a place where love is forbidden – here

And you came back to fight the loneliness
With your hand on mine, no tears will wither
Seeing that there’s nothing in my world but distress
Yet you said “no, let’s walk this damn hard life-together…”

[originally composed:December 21, 08]


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