Girl in White Gown

Stop! Your feet are badly sore
The pain and agony won’t relinquish on heeding you
Stop! I can clearly see the mouth of the morgue
Craving for you and there’s nothing you can do

This sinful world has no escape
Old Harry is always staring down
Never should we try nod dare to creep
He’ll keep on looking for the girl in white gown

Avoid the birds that will snip off your flesh
The hands that will cradle you with all of its lust
Run away if you don’t wanna be a pile of ash
It you don’t wanna create a bloody red August

Where should you hide now that the chain is near
Race with your bleeding feet to the cave of all fears
Stop! Look at your reflection on the water bound
You’re the girl Old Harry’s looking for, the one in white gown.

[originally composed:December 7, 08]


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