Just As How You Pictured

My blood flowed out
The pain crept in
There’s nothing in me but doubt
No one hears my screaming

I was hanging to survive
You pulled me down, now I can’t strive
The pain you made I can’t cast away
Maybe forever in me it will stay

Roses showered down on me
With its thorns penetrating violently
The worms have dug deep enough on my skin
My rotten flesh they enjoy savoring

Darkness has now reached us
This withering of mine is lust
My bones you’re about to burn
My ashes you’re about to gust

The sand has ran out
The clock stopped ticking
The light is already red
And now, I’m DEAD!

You gazed through me
Those eyes are so happy
I bet you feel good about yourself
Proud that you’ve made my memoirs end.


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