Into the depth she crawls
Saving herself from displease
Confusion sharply falls
Mortifying her with ease

Barefooted she runs
Wishing she could escape from harm
She don’t know where she’s going
She’s lost in the middle of nowhere

She ran out of tears
Her crying no one hears
In her veins the blood runs cold
Unto nothing she could hold

Fire is burning her soul
Her only hope, she unfolds
Silence is what she’s heeding
To heal the wounds in her being

Stabs of discrimination is slowly piercing her
Chords of blood-thirsty words are choking her
Negativity is taking her life away
She knows it herself that nothing would stay

In a murky paradise she’s trapped
Behind isolation’s bleak bars
Her existence is perfectly wrapped
By bleeding wounds and scars.

[originally composed:July 16, 08]


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